It’s About Kids!

Picture books are where I began. I think I was about twelve when I wrote and illustrated my first book. It was about pumpkins and incorporated the names and characters of my five nephews living in far away Saint Louis.

I didn’t try that again until I was forty-something but this time I didn’t stop. I have nine books looking for a home with a publisher. There’s a frog, a pet chicken, a mountain lion and kids–lots of kids involved. They’re coping with the heat, passing the time in the backseat of a car, learning about flower names, relationships, weather and, of course, responsibility.

I am NOT an illustrator but I do know enough about art to visualize my characters and occasionally sketch one out while writing. This is Oliver and he’s learning a lesson about why most frogs hop…and do not walk or wear shoes.


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Children's writer, newspaper columnist, essayist, poet, storyteller
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2 Responses to It’s About Kids!

  1. Jessica Jones Abides says:

    Love this idea :).

    Spent a few lovely minutes with hubby this afternoon, listening to the frogs singing.

    Would love to see your story!

    • janets123 says:

      Jessica, thanks for the encouragement. I didn’t see this until 3 years later but maybe that’s because today I needed a lift. I keep thinking I’ll wait until the story is finished…but it will be too late then, won’t it? It’s a never-ending story!

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