Uncurried Favor

At a recent writer’s conference, I pitched a picture book to an agent and he agreed to look at my work. This guy lives in New York City and has wonderful connections in the children’s book industry, so this is a very big deal.

How big a deal I have the potential to land didn’t hit me until I came home and Googled the agency. The thought then occurred to me, Why did he agree to consider me as a client?

I know I can write well and my manuscript proves it, but this guy has never seen anything I’ve penned. He listened to my spoken words, studied my face and said, “Yes.”

In years past, I’ve treated a publisher’s representative to lunch in order to be invited to send a manuscript. I’ve pitched my stories to the editors of friends. I’ve attended workshops and pitched to the instructors. This is different. This time I didn’t work for, or curry, favor.

I choose to attribute this to answered prayer for favor with men, as was said in Acts, of Jesus’ disciples, “Praising God, and having favour with all the people.”

My niece told me she wished she had my confidence. I laughed about her statement because I think I have every insecurity known to mankind. Yet, I probably came across to the agent as being self-confident.

Here’s my analysis: I’ve been preparing this soil for many years; I’ve planted seed by writing all sorts of things; I’ve cultivated critique partners; I’ve watered with tears of frustration; it is time for harvest.

The interview and its positive outcome may look like uncurried favor. It is certainly sprinkled with divine intervention. But it would never have happened had I not written the words, invested in the conference, made the appointment with an agent and bubbled with enthusiasm. I’m going to remember this next time I think someone is luckier than me.


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1 Response to Uncurried Favor

  1. maragen says:

    When I was young I thought I was lucky. When I got older I realized I was blessed.

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