Spam and the Devil

I have twenty-eight spam messages in my email and it’s only nine o’clock in the morning. How frustrating! It seems the vilest offenders seem to find a backdoor in spite of the best efforts of software geeks devising ways to block or separate them.

These spamming computers, or the people behind them, are trying to sell me everything from insurance to sex to (illegal) prescription drugs. I don’t want any and I don’t like it.

I try to get rid of some of them, the ones with ugly words or that hit on me every hour, by blocking the senders. They simply change their addresses. I’ve even had my own email address sending me spam.

On my blog, a computer program blocks spam from showing up in my readers’ comments, by separating them and then asking me to approve or delete them. What a wonder! Without it, none of our eyes would be safe.

I have to question why people would use a computer program to send unsolicited, unwanted ads to folks, just so they can go click, click, click and delete them unread. I suppose that one person in a million will actually read an ad and then of those 50 million ads sent and 50 read, a couple of gullible souls will buy.

But what about the rest of us? What about the 49,999,998 left suffering pure aggravation? Ah! The computer doesn’t care!

Spam emails are just like the devil. He inundates us all with solicitations to do wrong because it will look good, taste good or feel good. He tempts the good people, the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews alike.

I suppose he thinks if he hits us hard, often and for enough years, eventually we’ll capitulate and buy the package.

Photo from Wikipedia


SPAM devil!


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4 Responses to Spam and the Devil

  1. Spam and hackers, I have exoerienced all of that I care to. I say we go after that one person in a million and convince them of the negative effect! Where to begin. Love the photo, maybe that will scare someone.

    • janets123 says:

      Carole, You’d think that knucklehead would be so bothered by unsolicited ads that he’d vow to NOT buy from anyone who sends them. But a deal is a deal, I suppose. =) I think that’s supposed to be a picture of a Tasmanian devil but I thought it was a good likeness of how I feel about the “spam devil.” Glad you slike* him.

      *Slike=love, or something close to it–from “Let’s Coin a Word.”

  2. Georgene Witham says:

    Good one Janet !!!! I like the word “spam devil” !!!!

    • janets123 says:

      Yep, that’s what those guys are–who else would send porno pictures, lie, cheat, mislead, sell prescription drugs w/o a script & tempt us to cheat on our husbands?

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