Get Out of God’s Way!

I’ve been in the doctor’s office a lot lately. I suspect I may have done it to myself.

I had a urinary tract infection. I visited two different doctors in two states for a total of three office calls. Antibiotics three times. I tried all the herbs I knew, including Pipsissewa, Goldenseal root, Echinacea root, Dandelion and maybe some others. After about a year, it simply went away “on its own.”

I got a sore shoulder. I wouldn’t stop going to the gym and it grew worse. My sister had warned me about the antibiotics I was taking for my UTI, being suspect in tendonitis and having landed her in a wheelchair.

I tried the chiropractor. He said my x-rays looked so bad I’d surely be on a surgeon’s table within two years. I said I would not. He said, “Yes, you will, if you don’t let me take care of it.”

I let him manipulate my shoulder twice. It hurt so bad I went home and used ice packs and took naproxen sodium. The third day, I called it off.

I figured out which exercises at the gym were aggravating my shoulder problem and stopped doing all upper body work for about three months. It got better, I kept stretching and now I have about ninety-eight percent of my range-of-motion back.

Next I had a sore tooth. My gums felt swollen and the tooth felt loose. I made an appointment with the dentist, who took x-rays, couldn’t find anything wrong and prescribed antibiotics. I got thrush.

When you’re my age and your vision fades enough you need magnification to read, you get glasses. They recommend you get a check-up at least every two years, at which time they generally increase the strength of your glasses. It was time.

The optometrist expressed alarm at the change in my left eye. He scared me into seeing an ophthalmologist. The expert found my optic nerve “not as pink as it should be,” wrote down “atrophy of optic nerve” and ordered MRI scans.

The MRIs revealed an enlarged parotid gland, which “could be a lymph gland.” Say what? Is it a lymph gland or not? The experts aren’t sure. Seems it’s rather like the tonsils of the 1950’s–we don’t know what it does so let’s take it out!

They found nothing wrong with my eye, except it doesn’t see well. Last week it was atrophied; this week it’s not. And now you say I need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist?

They told me the ENT’s office would call for an appointment and I went home. They haven’t called yet but I have my speech all ready. God is healing; get out of his way!


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4 Responses to Get Out of God’s Way!

  1. says:

    AMEN !!!

  2. Mary Savage says:

    Antibiotics! That seems to be the drug of choice for everything!
    Sunday (9/16) I was bitten by a brown recluse spider during the night. I remember getting pricked on my inner forearm but didn’t get up to see. In the morning, I didn’t even remember getting bit & went on with my usual routine. I went into my infrared sauna & I pumped my 3# weights while sweating. Standing at the mirror, I raised my arms to do my hair…that’s when I saw my forearm looked like I had an egg implant with three red streaks going up to the inner fold of the elbow! Then I recalled getting bit so I looked in my bed & there was the spider, dead, but intact…yikes, yucky, creepy! I was able to identify it as a brown recluse. My weight lifting had caused the venom to streak up my arm! Panic!
    I used our snake bite kit to draw out the venom while I massaged the streaks towards the bite hole. I then made a charcoal & clay plaster & covered it with cling wrap. Started drinking colloidal silver, cell food, oregano oil, noni juice. I changed the plaster every hour. I also drank charcoal & some liver detox extract.
    I brought all my stuff out, arnica pellets & gel, calendula gel, anti inflammatory pills, etc.
    The swelling went way down & the streaks disappeared, but by Wednesday I was getting scared.
    I had been on the Internet trying to find what to expect it to look like after 4 days. All I saw was horrifying photos of huge wounds where necrosis had reeked havoc. Some people have had limbs amputated because it got so bad. My bite was now 1/4″ & the center had signs of necrosis. I prayed & cried, got comfort & encouragement from my hubby, & continued with my protocol.
    Thursday, my family [living in other states] heard about my bite & were calling to find out how I was, telling me to go see a doctor & get antibiotics. Some of them were mad at me for self medicating. I was scared too, so I called our doctor & he called in a prescription for antibioctics.
    Well thank the Lord…I never did need them! Tommorrow will be two weeks since I got the bite. Now I’m just rubbing an HerbPharm salve on it. The area is a small red ring with the center drying out & the whole thing is only 1/4″ diameter. I’m gonna keep taking noni juice, cell food, & oregano oil plus my daily saunas. Everyone should have activated charcoal & colloidal silver in their medicine kits.
    The antibioctics will stay in my cabinet til they go out of date!

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