Deep Roots

Clearing our patio and flower beds of unwanted weeds, I discovered native Texas plants have deep roots. Many of them also have stickers and burrs to deter my efforts at eradication.

One has to admire a weed for its tenacity. If I’m not mistaken, some of these look like the same ornery plants I plucked up last summer. They’re brave too, if you will, planting themselves in the most unlikely places, such as between the joints of a sidewalk.

Weeds don’t need any encouragement, but they’ll take what they can get and make the most of it. A tiny water spill intended for the bird bath, some animal dung, plenty of southern sunshine and the wild green sticker weeds will bloom with gratitude.

How unlike the big Masters of the Universe are these little unwanted plants! We shrivel and slink away if someone even speaks harsh words our way. We are ready to give up at the slightest hint of failure. I can just imagine how long I’d last if someone pulled off all my leaves.

Perhaps I can learn some things from my unsuccessful weeding.

  • Bloom where you’re planted, sure. But bloom even where one is not wanted?
  • Don’t procrastinate because one might not get another chance to bloom.
  • Hurry and produce fruit so if we get plucked up tomorrow, at least one thing has been accomplished.
  • Take what others don’t want and make something beautiful out of it.
  • Keep trying. One just never knows when the adversary might give up.
  • Tomorrow will come. Today might be hot and dry but rain is coming eventually. Be ready for it. And make the most of every drop of dew.
  • Don’t be afraid to try what others have failed to make prosper.
  • Everything and everyone starts out tiny and insignificant. Don’t despise small beginnings, even one’s own.
  • Never worry about the insignificance of the flowers; one can still produce glorious fruit from tiny blooms.
  • When necessary, grow stickers and burrs. They will deter the most stubborn weed-haters.
  • Put down deep roots. If your leaves get pulled off, grow more roots. The best nourishment comes from great depth.

I’m amazed at what deep thought comes from a morning of pulling weeds. Just think what I might have accomplished at the computer keyboard! Why, I might have written a story.


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2 Responses to Deep Roots

  1. Very inspiring post. We truly are stronger for our struggles.

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