One Man’s Logic

Men have a reputation for being the more logical sex, women being the intuitive ones but ofttimes driven or at least heavily influenced by emotion. Sometimes I think I am more logical than most. Other times the reason of logic eludes me.

On a Disney cruise ship, our cabin had a split bathroom: stool & lav on one side and lav & shower on the other. We had five mirrors by which to get dressed. Wonderful logic!

There were four light switches. Great idea! Even though the cabin was small, one didn’t need all the lights on all the time. One switch controlled the entrance light, one for each of the baths and one labeled “cabin light” for the sitting area at the far side. They were ganged together and not in that order.

The first switch was the entrance, second was the cabin, third was the first bath and fourth was the second bath. All were labeled in tiny gray type we couldn’t read in the dark. Would you like to guess how many times either my husband or myself turned on the overhead lights trying to get a light in the bathroom? Or turned off the bathroom light while the other was in there? We were both ready to slap the engineer who set that up!

Disney used every opportunity to promote themselves. Using Mickey music to sell Mickey t-shirts: perfectly logical (and quite profitable).


Who knew this was a lobster?

When we checked in for excursions and activities, we were given Disney character stickers to put on our clothing. That enabled the group leader to see at a glance who was with his group: red Ariel stickers for the glass-bottom boat tour; yellow Daffy Duck for parasailers; green Sebastian for the submarine dive. People seeing us about town would get yet another Disney promotion.

Wait a minute! Who’s Sebastian? Is it logical to expect grandparents to know all the new Disney characters? We almost missed our excursion waiting for someone to call for the green turtles. (It is also not good logic to make a red lobster into a green sticker, and chop off his pincers, if you ask my level head.)

How logical is it for a land-locked Okie who can’t swim, wears trifocals and gets sea-sick on a fishing dock, to man the mainsail rope of a racing yacht? And win the race? And have a blast?

When we got home from vacation, I priced health insurance policies, trying to comply with government requirements. They say my new policy has to ensure me for all sorts of the unlikeliest things, like emphysema and pregnancy. Even with a $5000 deductible, it will cost three times what I’m paying now.

I don’t suppose our world is ruled by logic, after all. At least, not by the logic of any man.


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2 Responses to One Man’s Logic

  1. John says:

    Great read. My wife is smarter than I am, and more logical in some ways too. Disney is marketing at it’s best.

  2. I enjoyed this read and always love to hear reinforcement of a woman’s logic. I sometimes don’t have the bravery or the brawn to go along with the logic, however. Frustrating!

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