Giggling in the Dark

Several times recently I’ve slipped into bed after my husband has gone to sleep. Using a tiny flashlight I crept in quietly so as not to wake him. And then, lying in bed, trying not to squirm too much, I got the giggles.

The first time this happened, I shook the bed so hard that I woke Dan. “I’m sorry, baby! I’m sorry…I’ve got the giggles!”

He mumbled something that sounded like, “Is okay; I unnerstan.”

Really? You understand? How could you when I had no idea what got into me? That is, I knew what I was laughing about but could neither fathom why I was thinking about it nor why it struck me as so very funny at that time of night.

My giggles were triggered by memory of the morning I woke up early and tried to sneak out without waking him. He opened his eyes and said, “Turn off the alarm.”

To get to the house alarm keypad, I had to step up 2 steps, and they are curved. Because I was still half asleep I was staggering a little. I stumbled, began to fall sideways, twisted to avoid the nightstand and landed smack in the middle of my sleepy husband’s back. I jumped off him as quickly as I could and…well, began to laugh.

“What are you doing! Baby, what are you doing!” Dan sat straight up in bed.

Between snorts and giggles, all I could do was apologize and say, “I fell; I fell over.”

I get giggly to the point of tears every time I think about it. And there I was disturbing his sleep a second time.

But then, I like to giggle and I look for excuses to burst out in laughter.

Baby Laughing

Any excuse will do!

It’s not funny to fall and it’s not funny to be rudely awakened but in my mind’s eye, I see the incident from a (nonexistent) viewer’s point of reference. I am standing there watching this woman stagger around and fall on her sleeping husband and it is America’s Funniest Home Video!

Sometimes I will start laughing at the evening news. It’s not usually funny stuff; it may be simply awful; perhaps someone died. But there are elements that send me into a spin.

It might be a teenager jumping up and down on the hood of a car. Or a bathtub left standing after a tornado. Or a misspelled word. Or a mispronounced word. Or a politician’s promise.

I think I’m really looking for an excuse to laugh. (See Make Me Smile, Make Me Laugh for more on that subject.)

Laughing is fun; giggling is great. I only pray it doesn’t hit me in the middle of a church service. And I sure wish I could turn it off when the lights go out at night.


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2 Responses to Giggling in the Dark

  1. Sharla says:

    The same for me too. Having gone thru such high stress heartbreak, I tend to see humor in the tiniest of things. I think it is because we NEED to laugh and feel happy at anything, to feel the weight lift, that we laugh so easily.

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