The Grace of Gratitude

While making the big king-size bed this morning, I lifted the plush, heavy comforter and had a moment of regret about the good-old days when I only had a simple bedspread to deal with. It was lighter and easier–but not nearly so beautiful. My niggling of nostalgic regret was followed by a wave of gratitude.

Life is full of burdens, disappointment and trials. But it is also full of luxury and comfort, joy and pleasure. I think when the bad outweighs the good, we give up. Sometimes the weight is determined by our state of mind more than the state of circumstances.

If I focus on “this heavy comforter hurts my back to lift it” then I can be unhappy. If I focus on how blessed I am to have a beautiful bed, it makes my life a joy. One of the ways to get and keep that positive attitude is to make a concerted effort to give thanks.

Our church recently had a series of sermons from the Song of Solomon, a Biblical book of love poems. Out of that, it was suggested we each make a list of our spouse’s positive attributes. It took a while, but I managed to come up with a list of 29. When I’m upset and disappointed with my husband’s actions, I can look at the list and be reminded of all his good points that I’m thankful for.

As I was jotting things on my list, it was tempting to insert a “but” into some of them. For instance, when I wrote, “helps with housework,” I also thought, “when the mood strikes him.” When I wrote, “punctual,” I thought, “to a fault.”

I didn’t write the negative aspects down because that would defeat the purpose of the list. I can always think of negative things; they don’t need any prompting.

Wise Owl

What are you thankful for?

Years ago, a clerk at the post office greeted me with, “How are you this fine morning?” I was in a foul mood and I began to dump on him. I gave him a list of three or four things that had gone wrong so far, “and it’s only nine o’clock!”

There was a line of people behind me but the clerk, with a look of concern on his face, took a second to give me some advice. He said, “When I have a day like that, I ask God to get me through it. That always helps me, knowing that He cares.”

I was shocked and embarrassed. Since that day, I have worked to develop “an attitude of gratitude.” Some days it takes a lot of grace. Some days it takes a conscious effort. But I’ve discovered that the more I practice it, the more naturally it comes out of my mouth.

I am so thankful to have my eyesight, a brain that works, a computer at home and readers like you! What are you thankful for?


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2 Responses to The Grace of Gratitude

  1. maragen says:

    I am thankful for you.. your friendship, your writing ability, your willingness to share your life with your readers. Marilyn

  2. I am thankful for God’s presence, only the peace He can give, and love which ultimately is All that exists!

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