These Blessed Feet

My workout at the gym is always accompanied by music with a lively rhythm. I think they have it set for 140 beats per minute, to help achieve an optimum heart rate.

The other day they were playing old disco music and I found my feet trying to dance. I was seated with my legs under a padded bar, but the muscles in my feet were contracting in time with the music.

I thought about a couple of people who have had their toes removed as a result of diabetic neuropathy. They both said it is amazing how much we rely on our toes for balance. Just one little toe missing can cause a person to stumble “over nothing.” They said they had to learn to walk all over again.

There is a scripture admonishing members of the church to think of themselves as equally important to the function of the entire church body. It says the hand is no more important than the eye and the eye is no more valuable than the foot, or words to that effect. I suspect a person who has lost a toe would say “Amen” to that.

The prophet Isaiah calls the feet “beautiful, on mountains” when they carry good news, proclaim peace and the victory of righteousness.

Thinking about how invaluable my feet are, realizing how many muscles I have in my toes, I’ve decided to give them more tender, loving care than before. Shoes that fit exceptionally well, cotton socks, magnesium soaks, lavender massages–these are all well-deserved by these blessed feet.


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5 Responses to These Blessed Feet

  1. Jessica Jones says:

    Happy are the feet that being good news indeed :).

    Dance away.

  2. Jessica Jones says:


  3. JJ says:

    Wondered if you remember the Twila Paris song I used to cover each year at the annual Communion thingie at church?
    This one:
    Always got me choked up and hard to sing!
    Especially this line, which always reminded me of my own (earthly) wedding:

    How Beautiful the radiant bride
    Who waits for her Groom with His light in her eyes

    • Jessica Jones says:

      That’s such a great song! The best ones always choke you up a little. 🙂

      What a great pick for a wedding :).

  4. maragen says:

    I hear ya. My psoriasis came back on one foot and I think I broke my little toe on the other. Also, I discovered a corn between the little toe that hurt so bad and the toe next to it that I think I may have broken a couple of times before. Add to that what must be neuropathy. I think maybe some natural things I am doing are helping 🙂 Those feet really are important and do make such a difference in the quality of life!

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